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CMC Students: KLI Benefits Their College Experience

Posted August 10, 2012 in Focus on Students, News

CMC students surveyed last spring about the school’s Institutes showed that KLI has a great impact on students, even before they come to campus.

According to a CMC Office of Institutional Research study, students commented that “the leadership sequence and CMC’s focus on leadership in general intrigued me” when making a decision on which college to attend.

The study also found that once at CMC, students’ responses were very high overall for KLI in the three areas surveyed – activities, results and employment. Under activities, students were asked if they participated in any Institute sponsored campus conferences or lectures, workshops or off-campus excursions. The results section of the survey queried respondents about whether their KLI relationship resulted in opportunities such as gaining public speaking or consulting experience, conducting research with faculty, or honing their analytical skills, among other things. Lastly, they were asked what type of work they did if they happened to be employed at an Institute.

“We are extremely pleased with the student survey results. Our focus has always been on helping and guiding CMC students into becoming great leaders,” said KLI Executive Director Sarah Smith Orr.

Overall, students responded that their overall Research Institute experiences had an influence on developing their skills, helping them choose a career and most importantly, finding a job. They indicated that in general Research Institutes contributed to the following skills:

  • Analyzing issues, problems or ideas
  • Integrating ideas and information from various sources
  • Knowledge of the attributes of responsible leadership
  • Utilizing information technology tools, and
  • Expressing yourself both orally and in writing

“And, as with any survey, you learn where there are opportunities for improvement,” said Orr. “Students, especially the freshman, told us we needed to communicate early and often so that they understand the opportunities the Institute offers.”

One respondent suggested holding a session during Orientation Week to introduce to new students the 10 Research Institutes on campus, with upperclassman sharing their experiences first hand.