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“First Year Frontier: Charting Your CMC and Leadership Journey” Has Successful Launch

Posted August 22, 2012 in Leadership, News

“The Adventure Guides had great advice and could relate to all the pressures we feel. I feel more motivated to succeed in academics and leadership roles after this retreat.” — Participant comment

Following on the success of its sophomore leadership program, KLI launched a new program last semester to see if CMC freshman were ready for their own weekend leadership workshop in the wilderness.

The result: They were more than ready!

Held last March, the inaugural “First Year Frontier: Charting Your CMC and Leadership Journey” program provided students with a hands-on opportunity to explore their leadership knowledge, potential, and skills in an off-campus setting. Over the course of a weekend, students discussed and practiced interdisciplinary skills such as public speaking, communication, time management, stress endurance, long-range goal setting, and what it means to pursue your passion in the context of modern society.

Twenty student spent the weekend at Bonelli State Park in San Dimas conducting individual and group activities that were facilitated and led with the assistance of 10 upperclassmen Adventure Guides. The intent was to increase self-awareness and encourage leadership skill development so that they returned to campus with a renewed sense of purpose as well as a set of personal goals for academic and personal self- development.

“Another benefit of the program was that it provided first year students the opportunity to share their first year challenges and experiences with other freshman and aid them through the transition from high school to CMC,” said Sarah Smith Orr, KLI executive director.

In a follow-up survey, students voiced their interest in extending the trip and creating other class bonding activities that help to build important professional skills, such as public speaking.

“For the most part, comments were positive and both freshman and adventure guides had constructive ideas to improve upon the program for future years. The freshman told us that the program helped them in several leadership competencies, and that it especially increased their self-awareness of their capacity to develop as leaders,” Orr said. “We look forward to hosting the Class of ’16 students in the spring semester.