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impACT Spring Break Trip Day 2

Posted March 20, 2014 in News


“Today was a really full and exciting day for the impACT team! After meeting with Asante Africa in the morning we had lunch with them, including a CMC alum from the class of ’91 who is currently working for the non profit organization. Asante Africa Foundation stressed the importance of grassroots relationships and made it clear that their role was not to determine the need in the Tanzanian and Kenyan communities they work in but rather to work with visionaries from these countries and to support their vision in any way possible. They stress the importance of girls and women attending school and being able to speak for themselves and determine what they want from life. They were very open about their challenges and accomplishments, showing us that non profit is definitely a viable business model but they encouraged us to be mindful of the issues that come along with it: they also expressed interest in becoming more of a entrepreneurship so that they can sustain themselves financially, but at present much of their funding is donation based. They educated us on the emergence of the African continent, particularly youth, of economic power, citing that east Africa is becoming very similar to the European Union in citizens ability to cross borders and make opportunities for themselves!”

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