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impACT Spring Break Trip – Day 1

Posted March 19, 2014 in News

Claremont impACT has published a blog post about their first day of Spring Break in San Francisco!

“Yesterday, the impACT team had the privilege of meeting with two innovative firms.  In the morning, our team hustled and bustled with San Francisco’s commuting crowd on BART, the public transportation system, to 201 Mission Street in the middle of the city.  We jumped up to the 11th floor to meet up with the folks at Clean Power Finance.  Alison Mickey, the Director of Corporate Communications & Public Relations, gave us an information session on CPF’s business model and role in growing the solar market.  “Going solar is not about going green,” she explained, but rather a pragmatic choice to save money on energy in a sustainable way.  CPF operates by providing the link between installers and investors as well as consumers and investors, taking the upfront costs of solar installation and making them cheaper for residents and sustainable, dependable sources of revenue for investors.  With less than one percent of the residential market for solar truly tapped, and a growing need for utilities to adapt to cheap alternatives to carbon-based fuel, CPF is filling the role of a networking medium to take solar past the tip of the iceberg.”

Read the rest here.