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Posted March 13, 2014 in News

impACT has published another blog post about a field trip students took to Hub LA, 45 minutes away from Claremont. Read the excerpts below or click here to read the full piece.

“Last Friday, impACT students took a field trip. A 45-minute car ride brought us from our familiar Claremont bubble to Hub LA, a company housed in a big brick building painted bright red in the heart of the Los Angeles Arts District.”

“Hub LA opened its doors in 2012, and already has well over 100 members. Walking into the building felt like diving into a pool of energy and creativity. The building was full of light, with long tables, designer furniture and wood accents. I was offered artisan coffee, and my choice of almond milk, soymilk or coconut milk creamer. The company describes it as a “creative industrial space.” The modern interior design and amenities do lend themselves to a hip, young atmosphere.

But beneath the surface, I could feel the hum of raw energy vibrating throughout the workspaces. All around me, people were completely immersed in their work. We saw pairs side by side, heads leaning together in front of a computer screen;, groups of two or three feverishly scribbling on the backs of scrap paper; and people sitting alone, eyes tilted upward, absorbed by their thoughts. I felt a strong urge to join them.”

Read the whole piece here.