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Coastal Playground Comes to CMC

Posted April 3, 2014 in News

Hilary Haskell CMC ’14 blogged about Coastal Playground‘s visit to CMC in an event sponsored by Claremont impACT.

“On March 28th, 2014, Andrew Sneddon of Coastal Playground came to Claremont McKenna to share his experience and insight regarding social entrepreneurship. His company, which prides itself on its “50/50” profit sharing business model, retains half of its profits while donating the other fifty percent to a variety of non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving coastal environments. But Coastal Playground doesn’t stop there, the company also hosts its own monthly beach clean-ups in partnership with local organizations to increase its impact.

Sneddon offered a variety of helpful, inspiring, and practical information to students attending the event. He emphasized the importance finding your passion, pursuing it step-by-step, and building a network. In fostering these connections, Sneddon noted the importance of leveraging the mutually beneficial aspects of working with a nonprofit organization: they can provide valuable connections and visibility while the company can provide financial support through a variety of means, like 50/50 profit sharing. With these symbiotic relationships, socially-focused start-up organizations can continue to grow and increase their positive impacts.”

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