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impACT Spring Break Trip Day 3

Posted April 3, 2014 in News

A slightly belated post – Day 3 of Claremont impACT’s Spring Break trip to San Francisco!

“On the final day of our Bay Area adventures, we started off meeting with Trevor Fray of Net Impact- finally putting a face to the name! This meeting was less of a “meeting” and more of an exercise: Trevor asked us to each come up with our dream career outcome, and predict the skills and steps necessary to make it a reality, before pairing us off for discussion to illustrate the necessity of networking. Finally, Trevor introduced us to the wealth of opportunities and resources we at CMC now have at our disposal as newly-minted Net Impact chapters!

Next we were off to Bay Area SCORES, founded by ’89 alum Colin (former Student Body Prez, soccer-star and Beckett resident!!) After an overview and yummy lunch at the headquarters, Colin and Shannon took us to Marshall Elementary to have us experience/ participate in the SCORES program for ourselves: combining the team building and competition of soccer with the self-expression of poetry as a productive leadership development experience for inner city children. Joined by the CCE Alternative Spring Break group, we divided into three groups, conducting round-robins of soccer, tag, and poetry for each grade of students. I myself stayed in the poetry room, where we spun a wheel to pick a topic for the poems, helped students craft their own haikus and then share them out loud with their peers. Needless to say, this was personally my favorite day, so I will wrap up by writing my own haiku: please note the reference to the “elephant” poem….

Smiling children play
“What animal are you?” Dog!
No! An elephant!”

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