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The Founding of SOURCE

Posted May 6, 2015 in News

By Stephanie Haft ‘15

While KLI has grown and developed, so too has its affiliated groups and organizations. Student Outreach Utilizing Resources and Community Exchange (SOURCE), a student-run nonprofit consulting organization, first came under KLI’s umbrella in 2005. Danny Hayman ‘07 and Mike Peel ‘07 first proposed the idea for SOURCE as a result of experiences from a community service internship program in the summer. Peel had designed a role for himself at a nonprofit for homeless youth that helped them graduate the summer before his sophomore year. When he returned to CMC in Fall 2005, he and Hayman realized that there was something missing from campus – opportunities for students to benefit from nonprofits. Peel and Hayman knew that there was a lot of student talent on campus, as well as a need for support for nonprofits, but they did not know how to create something useful for the nonprofits using students. “That’s where the innovation had to occur,” according to Peel. The chief struggle, according to Hayman, was finding ways to “create a project that changed efficiency of an organization without adding more input.” After a year of piloting, including contacting nonprofits and interested students, the vision of SOURCE turned into a functioning reality.


According to Hayman and Peel, SOURCE is supposed to be a challenge for the students involved. In Hayman’s words, “this was an organization that was meant to evolve.” Peel echoed these thoughts: “[SOURCE] was never meant to be a typical organization. It was meant to be about experiential leadership learning – a mutual development of students and nonprofits.” This is why, according to the founders, SOURCE fits so well with the values of KLI. Although SOURCE is meant to evolve, the values of innovation and leadership are core components.

Hayman now works as Director of Data Analytics for a charter school district in Brooklyn, NY. Peel is a Government Relations Advanced Analyst for a local college in Tucson, AZ. Both agree that the challenges and experiences from founding SOURCE have shaped the innovative approach they have taken in their careers. Currently, what began as an idea from 2 inspired students and 4 active members is a dedicated team consisting of over 30 employees and 7 nonprofit teams. Happy 10th anniversary to SOURCE!