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KLI Back in Action: Introducing Your Student Coordinators

Posted September 15, 2015 in Focus on Students

Ted Hall ’16

Welcome all to another year at the Kravis Leadership Institute! During this year of change for our institution we are excited to get to work with the rest of the KLI staff to ensure that KLI remains an integral part of our CMC campus community. My name is Ted Hall, and I am a senior majoring in International Relations and of course, the Leadership Studies Sequence, but more importantly one of the student coordinators this year! The other half of our dynamic duo is Bridget Moran, also a senior, majoring in Government and the Leadership Studies, and we are excited to work with all the amazing students and faculty of KLI. Bridget I and both began working at KLI as Institute Assistants our freshman year and are excited to use our experience to improve upon the student coordinator role and fully engage with the students who work here, as well as those who might not be as familiar with KLI.

In our first week back we have already spoken with more than 200 students about KLI and ways we can support them in their leadership development. At our open house on September 3, 2015 we had over 70 students attend a presentation highlighting ways they can get involved whether through our popular programs such as Unscripted: My CMC Narrative and the Sophomore Leadership Experience, or participation in one of the organizations under the KLI umbrella such as SOURCE and impACT, which directly serve the greater community. While manning a table at the CMC Club Fair we spoke with over 100 students regarding the Leadership Studies Sequence and to several club leaders about our new team retreat program, which helps organizations at CMC strengthen their leadership skills and improve team dynamics. We received enthusiastic responses from students who are excited to participate in these programs and events, or sign up for the Leadership Studies Sequence. We can’t wait to engage with each and every one of them.

As we do every year we must hire a few new students to replace our beloved seniors who have graduated, but this year Bridget and I are going to be adding a new element to the process. Once we have picked the best of the best to join our KLI team, we are launching a brand new orientation program, to be held on September 28th, to welcome them aboard. During this meeting we will share stories about the history of the institute, how our mission of leadership applies to CMC as a whole, as well as discuss with our new students how to get the most of their experience here at KLI. Bridget and I plan to work with each of them individually to map out what they would like to accomplish at KLI, whether that is gaining exposure to leadership programming, aiding in research, or planning conferences. We have found that students sometimes don’t realize the numerous opportunities at KLI and we want to assure they contribute in areas they find a passion for while they are here!

It has been a busy first week back at KLI, but Bridget and I are just getting started. Our goal is to harness this year of transition to leave a lasting impact at CMC through new programming and a deeper engagement with the student community. We would love to have a discussion with anyone about our programs or our vision for this year at KLI and can be reached at (Ted) or (Bridget). We are looking forward to making this year one of the best for KLI and are working hard to make this vision a reality.

-Ted & Bridget