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KLI Sponsored Summers: Part 3

Posted November 17, 2015 in News, Program Corner, Student Happenings

By Alicia Frausto ‘17

EscuelaNueva (1)

This is the third installment in our series highlighting KLI and Kravis Prize sponsored interns. KLI partners with Kravis Prize recipient organizations through the KLI Partnered Internship Program to send selected students to internships in domestic and international locations from New York to Mumbai. We have already heard from Bridget Moran ‘16, who spent her summer interning with Right To Play in the West African country of Benin. Another of this summer’s seven selected students, Alicia Frausto ‘17 interned with Fundación Escuela Nueva (2011 Kravis Prize Recipient), a non-profit organization in Bogotá, Colombia, that works to improve the quality, relevance and efficiency of education through personalized learning. Alicia shared with us reflections on her own “learning” during her summer internship:  

Learning is the conversations with the taxi drivers late at night. It´s the awkwardness of listening to a native Bogotáno talk about the way he wishes foreigners would respect his city and sitting there agreeing, pretending I am a native, for my own well-being, but it´s also the pride he takes in his city and the passion with which he speaks about it. 

Learning is sitting at the dinner table with my host mom talking about our days. It´s sharing a cup of tinto with her and practicing German in the evening, so I am prepared for Strasbourg. It´s realizing that a mother´s love is irreplaceable and watching her play chess with her son makes me wish I was home with mine. 

Learning is greeting the receptionist at the office every morning and organizing my desk space so I am prepared to take on everything on my list of tasks. It´s knowing when I am not working at my full potential and taking the initiative to meet with my boss and ask how I can do more.  

Learning is having my own room for once in my life and not being overwhelmed with empty space but rather achieving peace with me and my surroundings. It´s overcoming my fear of the darkness and admitting that our upstairs neighbors take such firm steps that it´s possible the ceiling might come down any second.  

Learning is drafting budgets, paying rent, and buying groceries but also realizing when it is okay to go off budget and splurge on things I may only be able to enjoy in that very second. It´s the fluctuating currency exchange rate and recognizing the privilege I have to live the way I do. 

Learning is walking hours across the city so that I may explore and learn more about the culture, but it´s also knowing not to be caught walking through los barrios alone in the dark. It´s being aware that a robbery occurred a few houses down but being grateful that this created more community safety awareness.   

Learning is realizing that the charger I need for my laptop to work may never come, and I may not be able to upload pictures onto this blog until I am home. It´s knowing that I do not need a laptop to survive, that I do not need to constantly be hooked onto the internet to escape loneliness or boredom. 

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