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Last Day to Register for StoryTelling for Fun and Profit!

Posted February 6, 2017 in News, Student Happenings

Storytelling is an essential component of leadership. Leaders inspire communities of people and drive change through the narratives they share. Storytelling for Fun and Profit is a half-day workshop designed to empower your skills in communication and storytelling. Storytelling is an essential way to connect with others, the world around you, and your authentic self. This program will allow you to hone your critical storytelling skills, making you a more thoughtful and empathetic leader. Storytelling for Fun and Profit will provide the opportunity to think through your stories and learn how to share them with others—in both social and professional contexts, or even the classic, “Tell me about yourself,” question during job interviews! We are our stories, so let’s learn how to share them!

Last Chance to Register is tonight! Click here to register for Storytelling for Fun and Profit.