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Innovation and leadership lie at the core of Claremont McKenna College’s mission. By combining a rigorous liberal arts education with pragmatic outlets for action, students are encouraged not only to develop a vision of what society has the potential to be, but to create and execute a plan to reach that vision. Academic institutions, including any of the eleven research institutes and the host of 5C resources, provide important opportunities for scholarly mentorship and development. This, however, is only half of the need.

Student impACT strives to accelerate Claremont McKenna College as a hub for social innovation. We leverage student energy and the plethora of local resources to provide opportunities for skill development, professional networking, and peer support in the area of social innovation and entrepreneurship. Student impACT’s mission is to prepare students to be socially responsible leaders across all sectors in order to make a positive difference in the world. impACT is a passionate and creative community of students that provides hands-on opportunities to practice social innovation and entrepreneurship.

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  • To ensure that students who graduate from college are not only well equipped to be good employees and leaders who are skilled in writing, learning and critical thinking, butgood people who are socially responsible leaders as well.
  • To empower students to follow high impact paths, and follow their passions in meaningful ways.
  • To create an undergraduate experience that not only enriches the lives of the students themselves, but one that allows them to leave our community better than they found it.


  • To harness multi-dimensional perspectives of a dynamic liberal arts environment to create innovative solutions that address local and global problems.
  • Prepare generations of thought leaders, professionals, activists and community builders, who combine theory and practice to foster systemic social change.


Please contact Jessie Capper ’17 (, Grace Bailey’18 (, or Kai Vogal’19 (, and follow us on Facebook for more information on upcoming impACT events!


If you are a prospective student applicant for impACT, we encourage you to reach out to our Team Leads listed above: Jessie Capper’17 (, Grace Bailey’18 (, and Kai Vogal’19 (


Partnered Institutes

The Kravis Leadership Institute

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Center for Human Rights Leadership

Center for Civic Engagement

Center for Writing and Public Discourse