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1/7/16 Winter Sports Module

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12/5/15 Hult Prize

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12/3/15 Final Student Luncheon

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11/11/15 Veteran’s Day Luncheon with Meredith

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11/6-7/15 Team Retreat

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10/22/15 Fall Student Luncheon

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10/8/15 First Fall Student Luncheon

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9/11-13/15 Sophomore Leadership Experience

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9/9/15 Sophomore Dinner

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8/26/15 CMS Fall Team Leadership Workshop

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8/21/15 First Year Guide Training

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8/21/15 RA Training

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4/28/15 Senior Recognition Dinner

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4/17/15 ISA Final Competition

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4/16/15 ISA Root Beer Floats Promotion

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 4/3/15 Institute Fair

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4/2/15 Final Student Luncheon

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2/27/15 SOURCE 10 Year Anniversary Summit

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2/20/15 Women in Leadership Conference

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2/7/15 Team Retreat

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2/5/15 First Student Luncheon

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1/28/15 Jim Ayala

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11/14/14 ISA Fast Pitch

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10/29/14 23rd Annual Kravis-de Roulet Conference

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10/3/14 Poverty Reduction Luncheon

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10/3/14 Innovative Start-Up Award Orientation

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10/2/14 First Student Luncheon

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9/24/14 Thomas C. Lepper Ath Talk

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9/19/14 KLI Open House

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2014 Sophomore Leadership Experience

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5/2/14 KLI Senior Dinner

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4/25/14 KLI v. Rose Institute Kickball

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4/14/14 Last KLI Luncheon

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4/4/14 KLI Spring BBQ

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4/4/14 Financing Ventures Workshop

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3/11/14 Alice Eagly Lecture

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3/7/14 You @ CMC

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3/1/14 Kravis-de Roulet Conference, Day 2

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2/28/14 Kravis-de Roulet Conference, Day 1

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