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Applications of Nonverbal Communication

(Claremont Symposium on Applied Social Psychology)

Edited by Ronald E. Riggio and Robert S. Feldman

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Each and every day, in every social interaction, we communicate our feelings, attitudes, thoughts, and concerns nonverbally. Nonverbal communication is used to convey power and status, it is used to express love and intimacy, it is used to communicate agreement, to establish rapport, and to regulate the flow of communication. Nonverbal communication is pervasive, ongoing, and it is part of virtually every human endeavor. The goal of this edited volume is to present the practical applications suggested by research in non-verbal communication, as well as to highlight the limitations-noting where we simply do not yet know enough to safely and fully inform practice. The book is divided into four parts. The first part looks at the health applications of nonverbal communication, including medical health care settings. The second part looks at the legal and political applications of nonverbal communication, including its application to the courtroom. The third part examines nonverbal communication in business and education. The final part looks at social and cultural issues. This book is intended to appeal to a diverse group of practitioners, researchers, and students from a variety of disciplines including psychology, sociology, communications, anthropology, and management interested in the topic of nonverbal communication. It may also serve as a supplement in upper level undergraduate and/or graduate courses on nonverbal communication.