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Power Mentoring

How Successful Mentors and Protégés Get the Most Out of Their Relationships

Edited by Ellen Ensher and Susan Murphy

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Many of the world’s most successful people (Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, for example) credit mentoring as a major factor in their achievements. Research shows that mentoring can be a very effective way to advance one’s career and improve one’s knowledge and skills. But the traditional models of mentoring have failed to keep up with trends in the business world – programs based on career longevity with one organization no longer mesh with what’s really happening. Individuals need to be proactive in creating mentor-protégé relationships, establishing networks of multiple relationships across organizations and industries. The authors provide strategies for establishing such “Power Mentoring” relationships, and support their concept through interviews with 50 top leaders and their rising-star protégés in technology, politics, and the media.

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