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Xiangyu Ma ‘17

Student Research Fellowships in Leadership

The Kravis Leadership Institute offers three research fellowships to CMC students. The purpose of these research fellowships is to support, encourage, and expand the ongoing leadership research of CMC students. These competitive fellowship awards are designed to provide students with financial support which allows students to focus more of their time on leadership research. The awards also encourage faculty members to support and foster knowledge and understanding of leadership and organizational effectiveness through student research.  To read more about this years’, fellows go here.

The psychology behind retirement with Take Two

Ron Riggio, Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership at the KLI appeared on 89.3KPCC’s Take Two to talk about the psychology behind retirement. Speaking in light of Kobe Bryant’s latest injury, Riggio talks about the psychological process that goes on when we make the decision to call it quits, in particular focusing on how sporting figures operating under high pressure make these decisions. He also gave advice on how to plan for your own retirement. Take Two is the top-rated public radio program on the West Coast.

KLI at the 16th Annual International Leadership Association (ILA) Global Conference

KLI staff and faculty presented their recent research at the ILA global conference held 10/30—11/2 in San Diego, California.

Factor structure of Leader Developmental Efficacy (LDE) measure
Eric Middleton, KLI Research Manager and a graduate student at Claremont Graduate University (CGU), and Sherylle Tan, Director of Internships and KLI Research, examine the factor structure of a newly developed measure of LDE (the extent to which the respondent believes in his/her ability to improve his/her leadership skills) using a split sample. They also discuss the factor analytic techniques they employed that resulted in a one factor five-item measure of LDE.

Convergent and discriminant validity of a LDE measure
Dayna Walker, KLI Program Coordinator & graduate student at CGU, and Stefanie Johnson ‘00 (University of Colorado Denver) talked about the construct validity of LDE among other similar and dissimilar constructs (personality, leader efficacy, and other developmental readiness components). They also demonstrated how incremental validity is established by looking at exploratory variance beyond leader efficacy.

An exploration of the relationship between high LDE and engagement in leadership self-development practices
Samantha Langan, KLI Internship and Research Coordinator and graduate student at CGU, talked about her study that investigates the relationship between LDE and leadership self-development practices of university students. She is especially interested in the type of leadership practices that students with high LDE engage in to strengthen their leadership skills.

Followership research: looking backward and looking forward
Ron Riggio presented his work on followership. He argued that research on leadership has been overly leader-centric and that research on followership must avoid simply “reversing the lens,” and called for an approach that focuses exclusively on followers.

Developing Leadership and Measuring Impact in College Sophomores: An Experiential Leadership Program
Sherylle Tan, Samantha Langan, and Sara Thompson highlighted the development of a program evaluation management plan to map out the outcomes of an experiential college leadership development program, as well as discuss program evaluation methods and outcomes.