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Sophomore Leadership Experience (SLE)

Sophomore Leadership Experience (SLE) is a three-day leadership and changemaking program for all CMC sophomores. Throughout the program students become more self-aware by learning about their personal style when working in groups, reflecting on their values and passions, and developing their confidence as a leader and changemaker. Students develop relationships with one another to strengthen the sophomore class community and to foster a culture of personal growth and responsibility. Students participate in various teambuilding activities including a low and high ropes course. Lastly, students identify ways to improve the CMC community. The retreat provides time for bonding with your classmates and connecting with one another around a bonfire!

Every student takes something different from the retreat.

“I loved the campfire – talking to people and making new friends,” says Andrew Sheets. Another SLE participant, Jennifer Dallego, agreed. “While I consider myself an open-minded person, I realized I had preconceived notions about people. I met a lot of cool people who I never would have talked to otherwise,” she says.

Registration for this program takes place in Spring 2017 for the Fall 2017 program.


Wondering what SLE is like? Read the blurb from our Spring 2015 Illumine.

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