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About Us

SOURCE is a student-run nonprofit consulting organization that brings strategic thinking and results-oriented analysis to local nonprofits in order to positively impact the Claremont area. SOURCE connects students to the Claremont community, builds capacity for local nonprofits, while simultaneously enhancing student development.


Our mission is to leave a positive impact on the community by providing value-added, results-oriented services to nonprofit organizations at no cost. We empower nonprofits with sustainable solutions to help them build capacity and increase efficiency. Simultaneously, we provide our Consultants with practical leadership and development opportunities that prepare them to continue promoting sustainable community growth post-graduation.

Strategic Vision

Our vision is to empower students to create social change and to equip our Consultants with professional skills and community awareness that will prepare them for meaningful, impactful careers.

Core Values

Lead with Integrity: As a student-run organization based out of Claremont McKenna College, we are dedicated to practical leadership. We seek to lead with integrity and care such that all of our Consultants grow and learn together. Practicing leadership is a crucial aspect of our Consultants’ student development and prepares SOURCE alumni to continue making community impact post-graduation.

Own the Outcome: Accountability, professionalism, and clear communication are essential to our work as Consultants. We are committed to being accountable to our clients, our sponsors, and each other by providing the highest quality of deliverables possible.

Prioritize the Impact: Our chief goal as nonprofit Consultants is to better communities by providing local nonprofits with services that will increase their capacity and efficiency. New and current projects are prioritized based on the impact and value-add they will provide for the nonprofit and the broader community.

Collaborate and Engage: SOURCE aims bridge the gap between CMC and the City of Claremont. We connect community members, nonprofit leaders, professors, alumni, and other students in order to increase community awareness and maximize SOURCE’s impact.

Innovate to Improve: In the spirit of our entrepreneurial roots, we continuously reflect on how SOURCE can be improved to better achieve our mission and vision. We aim to take innovative approaches and find creative solutions for our clients, allowing their organizations to work as effectively as possible.


SOURCE was founded in 2005 by two entrepreneurial Claremont McKenna College students in their search to engage and impact the community while actively using the knowledge acquired through their liberal arts education. Through the Kravis Leadership Institute Business Plan Competition, Michael Peel and Danny Hayman compounded their passion for nonprofit capacity building and founded SOURCE, envisioning it as a student-run organization that would serve as an outlet for civically minded students and as a bridge between CMC and the Claremont community. Though the concept of SOURCE did not win the Business Plan Competition, the Kravis Leadership Institute and the City of Claremont have been consistent and generous sponsors to SOURCE, allowing our organization to provide value-added services at no cost to our clients.

Since our founding, SOURCE has grown to include a team of thirty student Consultants. Operating on a rotational, project-focused model, we have served over thirteen nonprofit clients and are currently working with eight local nonprofits. Each new student Manager has brought fresh ideas and new internal initiatives to continuously grow SOURCE’s impact and image, both on and off-campus. In the spirit of SOURCE’s entrepreneurial foundations, our organization strives to improve internally: programs such as student development workshops, 360-degree performance evaluations, and community member luncheons are all examples of internal initiatives that increase student growth opportunities.


Please visit our homepage for more information on SOURCE and its services.

If you are a nonprofit interested in acquiring SOURCE’s services, please refer to our Client Services section for a thorough description of our organizational capabilities and approach. Our Clients page will provide you with examples of past client and projects SOURCE has completed. You will find our Client Application on our Partner With Us section.

If you are a prospective student applicant for SOURCE, we encourage you to reach out to the Managers, who can be identified in the Our Team section. You can also learn more about our student job opportunities and find our fall application under our Careers section.


The Kravis Leadership Institute has provided generous support for SOURCE from its founding in 2005.

The City of Claremont has provided SOURCE with a community-based organization grant for eight years.



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